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It’s been a great year for Dr. Phil McGraw, who landed exclusive interviews with both Jon Benet Ramsey’s brother and Nick Gordon, fiancé of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown.

And it seems like it’s about to get even better, since McGraw was just named TV’s highest-paid host by Forbes.

The magazine leaked the list on Tuesday, for the first time focusing just on TV hosts, and not reality stars.

McGraw tops the list since he gets a percentage of the profits from his production company, in addition to separate deals for endorsing AARP and AstraZeneca, plus an executive producing role on The Doctors.

In a 2013 interview with Forbes, McGraw explained his work philosophy, stating: ‘The older I get, there’s no way I am going to spend my life doing what somebody else wants me to do.

‘I’ve always said you need to star in your own life because if you don’t, nobody will.’

Following McGraw in the top five are Ellen DeGeneres, Ryan Seacrest, Judge Judy Sheindlin and Matt Lauer.

There are a total of six women in the top 20 this year, including Heidi Klum and Kelly Ripa.

Ripa and her estranged former Live with Kelly co-host Michael Strahan are tied on the list equaling $17million individually, but Strahan’s is anticipated to go up next year thanks to his new role on Good Morning America.

Noticeably missing from the top 10 is all of the late-night hosts, who make in the $12-$15million a year range.

The list was compiled with information from Nielsen, IMDB and Forbes’ interviews with agents, managers and lawyers.

Forbes lists the 10 Highest Paid TV Hosts

1. Dr. Phil McGraw – $88 million

2. Ellen DeGeneres – $75 million

3. Ryan Seacrest – $55 million

4. Judy Sheindlin – $47 million

5. Matt Lauer – $25 million

6. Heidi Klum – $19 million

7. Bill O’Reilly – $18.5 million

8. Robin Roberts – $18 million

9. Kelly Ripa – $17 million

10. Michael Strahan – $17 million