Amazon on Apple TV?! Yep, Only 2 Years Late.

9 months ago Nadine Entwistle 0

FINALLY, Amazon will be releasing an official Prime Video app for the Apple TV. Well, if you believe the report. People close to both parties are claiming they are getting close to coming to an accord to bring the platforms together.

Right now, the only way to stream Prime Video to an Apple TV is by slinging it from an app on your favorite handheld i-Product via AirPlay, which is a cumbersome solution that does not always work.

If Prime Video finally does come to Apple TV, it would end a constant battle which started in October of 2015 when Amazon stopped selling Apple TVs and the Apple TV 4th gen was released.

Back in 2015, when this happened, Amazon claimed the pull was due to the fact Amazon Video was not offered. Assuming that is the truth and not just an excuse to promote the Fire Stick, Apple’s Apple TV will be available on Amazon once again as soon as the app is live in the summer (hopefully).