What Taco Bell is Doing for Cinco de Mayo

9 months ago Nadine Entwistle 0

Well, nothing really special is happening that we know of, but there is a different event happening at a few locations.

The Taco Bell Test Kitchen in Irvine, California is taking reservations. An event is taking place on the 19th of May, but the link to make the reservation is being released today, in honor of the Mexican holiday. A lucky 32 will have the free dinner of a lifetime.

What makes this event so significant, you ask?

Well, the test kitchen is typically closed to the public, and, according to the official press release, “The dinner will feature twists on Taco Bell favorites, never before seen products and menu creations before they are available to the public.”

Just imagine being the first customer to ever try the unique products designed by taco bell, by actual taco bell chefs and not some bored teenager. It’s like reserving a spot to go to the Mexican Willy Wonka’s factory.

More events like this will happen in the future should this venture prove positive, using OpenTable like this event.

Personally, I would love to go and try the fried chicken options they announced the other day. Fried Chicken Tacos?? Yum.