Emma Watson Wins First Gender Neutral Movie Award for Acting

9 months ago Nadine Entwistle 0

MTV Awards were yesterday and Emma Watson won the award for best actor.
That’s right, Actor. The MTV TV and Movie Awards recently abolished the gender lines and developed a unifying category and Emma Watson was the first to be declared the best of both men and women actors for her work in The Beauty and The Beast.

The actor who came to fame playing the role of Hermione of Harry Potter fame beat out her competition which included big names like Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy.
Ms. Watson was handed her award by the wonderful Asia Kate Dillon, a non-binary human being which really drove home the message of equality and simply celebrating achievement.
Another young woman, Millie Bobby Brown (age 13), won the award for Best Actor in a TV Show for her work on Stranger Things.
This year’s MTV Awards was simply magical.