Richard Simmons to Sue over Rumors!

9 months ago Nadine Entwistle 0

You may have heard the recent rumors and stories reporting the mysterious disappearance of Richard Simmons. His annoyance is clear and he’s fighting back!

The fitness icon of age 68 is allegedly planning on filing a lawsuit today for invasion of privacy and defamation against 3 tabloids, which have yet to be named according to this source.

Simmons, who has shied away from fame recently, was at the center of many internet conspiracy theories which spread to mainstream media. People postulated from the mundane to the extreme, even going so far to claim he was being held hostage by his house keeper.

People just would not quit, even going into investigative journalism. The frankly hilarious podcast called Missing Richard Simmons devoted to finding his whereabouts and ended anticlimactically when all reports lead to him living healthily and happily at his home.

All the poor man wants is to be left alone.